There’s something about Mary

Mary Hamilton, 2022, 150cm x 120cm x 15cm.  Oil on canvas with Glade lavender air fresheners.

In this series Bex Massey aims to discuss the erasure of lesbian identities.  Historically women haven’t been privy to the same education as their male counterparts, and as such these narratives have been naturally eroded.  In ‘There’s something about Mary’ Massey will hone this investigation into the lives of Queer Mary’s.  In so doing she hopes to shine a light on the overlooked lives of the past and question whether more can be done to ensure visibility for those in the present.

In ‘Mary Hamilton’ the part effaced background is a reproduction of a newspaper article which documented one of four floggings that Charles née Mary Hamilton was subjected to before completing a prison sentence for unlawfully marrying Mary Price on the 16th July 1746.

The life size totem is an introduction into the series and looks at sapphism throughout the ages.  ‘The invert’ [Noun:  A homosexual – obsolete psychology] is Bex as a child using the invert function in photoshop, while the meme looks at modern day misconceptions.  The smell of artificial ‘Lavender Menace’ permeates the Glade infused canvas and completes the circular timeline.