Soft Hard Brexit


Bex Massey_Soft Brexit
SOFT BREXIT. 2018. 105.5cm x 84.5cm x 18cm. Oil and enamel on canvas with inflatable banana.
Bex Massey_Hard Brexit
HARD BREXIT. 2018. 121cm x 86.9cm x 4.2cm. Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas with winch.

‘Soft Brexit’, 2018.  105.5cm x 84cm x 18cm.  Oil and enamel on canvas with inflatable banana.
The inflatable and cat give overt nods to the derivation of the first assertion of the title.  As well as being known for their softness-cats are also seen as symbols of foreboding.  ‘Pussy’ is also a derogatory term thrown around in conversation regarding women and in particular Theresa May amongst the second wave of Brexit negotiations. 
The mid pink region of the canvas gives a further nod to this female centric note while cross hatching refers to Chequers where the Soft Brexit deal was originally agreed.  The cartoon emanating in part from the foreground is ‘Lucky’ from Lucky Charms and the 90s based star shaped cereal.  This in turn represents the stars of the EU whilst the lines running through him also touch on the troubles negotiating the Irish border during this trade deal.

‘Hard Brexit’, 2018.  121cm x 86.9cm x 4.2cm.  Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas with winch. 
Fish symbolise transformation and as such the inevitable modification of British life post Brexit. The blue lines touch upon EU colours whilst ensuring a subtle nod to changing fishing deals when mackerel placed upon them.
Swiss cheese is hard by nature and also a nod to the neutral zone by its association to the former. The stars and silver lines that encompass it are the upside down dazed motifs from Looney Tunes Sylvester cartoon and indirectly touch upon the stars of the EU flag and the stupefaction that has been synonymous with our ejection of the European Union since the get go. All of the imagery in this canvas has been positioned in direct reference to the Fibonacci sequence.