Paintings 2017-2019

Bex Massey
‘Franklin Wakefield Brown Graham & Coston’, 2019. 210cm x 77cm. Oil and acrylic on linen.
Bex Massey Rosa
Rosa 2019. 85cm x95cm, 2cm. Oil on canvas
Bex Massey Jane
Jane. 2019. 130cm x 130cm x 3.5cm. Oil, acrylic and enamel on linen.
Bex Massey_Soft Brexit
SOFT BREXIT. 2018. 105.5cm x 84.5cm x 18cm. Oil and enamel on canvas with inflatable banana.
Bex Massey_Hard Brexit
HARD BREXIT. 2018. 86.5cm x 58.5cm x 5.5cm. Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas with winch.


Dire Straits. 2018. 72cm x 8cm x 97cm. Oil on canvas with plastic dolphins. IMAGE COURTESY Mitsuko Moulson
ÀHHÁÀHHÁ. 2017. Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas. 85cm x 125cm. IMAGE COURTESY Matt Wilkinson
New Swing. 2018. 110cm x 46cm. Digital print on Lycra.