Like, winky kiss, 100

22 August 2020, 2021, 100cm x 55cm x 2cm.  Acrylic and oil on canvas.
17 October 2020, 2021, 100cm x 55cm x 2cm.  Acrylic, oil, wax and pencil on canvas.
13 September 2020, 2021, 100cm x 55cm x 2cm.  Acrylic, oil and colouring pencil on canvas.
17 January 2021, 2021, 100cm x 55cm x 2cm.  Acrylic, oil and colouring pencil on canvas.
11 March 2021, 2021, 100cm x 55cm x 2cm. Acrylic, oil and colouring pencil on canvas.
22 May 2021, 2021, 100cm x 55cm x 2cm. Acrylic, oil and wax on canvas.

Four works made whilst on residency at The Columbia, London (in association with Roman Road Gallery) and latter two made in studio following the tenure of resident. The residency lasted three months. The overarching theme for all residents was ‘Connectivity in the modern day’. Massey therefore looked at the impact that Covid 19 had had on her ‘connectivity’ and what part social media had played in helping her surf the isolation whilst further compounding the separation.

In a bid to quicken what is usually a lengthy research period she looked to her Instagram Stories Archive to create her visual library; created an algorithm to select which date to tackle and mimicked the Instagram story ratio via stretcher dimensions and motifs. Work created during the residency aimed to flatten imagery as it would be by a screen, whilst conversely expanding the visual landscape through layering. These trapped figures and objects teeter in the their isolation-surrounded by Colour Theories answer to anxiety. This yellowy-gray and often unsettling landscape hue acts as quasi mirror as it leaves its viewers feeling likewise perturbed.